I am software developer and machine learning researcher living in Toronto, Canada. I recently completed a postdoc at Oregon State University working with Tom Dietterich. I received by Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia with David Poole.

My research explores optimization algorithms appropriate for problems with spatial structure, particularly in computational sustainability domains. My thesis introduced a policy gradient optimization algorithm called Equilibrium Policy Gradients(EPG) for spatiotemporal domains. EPG utilizes a parametrized policy defined as the equilibrium distribution of a Markov chain built from local causal policies. The most recent paper on this work can be found here.

Other Interests:  machine learning (big data, data analytics), reinforcement learning, causal modelling, Bayesian Networks, inference in probabilistic graphical models, game theory, mechanism design, object oriented software design, logic programming.


I am currently looking for exciting research and/or development opportunities in academia or industry. Feel free to contact me by email(contact@<this_domain>), on Google+(+Mark Crowley) or on Twitter(@compthink).

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