Wildfire Management

Wildfire management is the study of managing, predicting, and mitigating risk of forest wildfires.

Forest Wildfire Management is a growing field of major important in Canada and many parts of the world.

Our Papers on Forest Wildfire Management

  1. A review of machine learning applications in wildfire science and management
    Jain, Piyush, Coogan, Sean CP, Ganapathi Subramanian, Sriram, Crowley, Mark, Taylor, Steve, and Flannigan, Mike D
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  2. Combining MCTS and A3C for prediction of spatially spreading processes in forest wildfire settings
    Ganapathi Subramanian, Sriram, and Crowley, Mark
    In Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2018
  3. Using Spatial Reinforcement Learning to Build Forest Wildfire Dynamics Models From Satellite Images
    Ganapathi Subramanian, Sriram, and Crowley, Mark
    Frontiers in ICT 2018
  4. Learning Forest Wildfire Dynamics from Satellite Images Using Reinforcement Learning
    Subramanian, Sriram Ganapathi, and Crowley, Mark
    In Conference on Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making 2017
  5. Using equilibrium policy gradients for spatiotemporal planning in forest ecosystem management
    Crowley, Mark
    IEEE Transactions on Computers 2014
  6. Allowing a wildfire to burn: Estimating the effect on future fire suppression costs
    Houtman, Rachel M., Montgomery, Claire A., Gagnon, Aaron R., Calkin, David E., Dietterich, Thomas G., McGregor, Sean, and Crowley, Mark
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  7. Seeing the Forest Despite the Trees : Large Scale Spatial-Temporal Decision Making
    Crowley, Mark, Nelson, John, and Poole, David
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