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  1. Generative locally linear embedding: A module for manifold unfolding and visualization
    Ghojogh, Benyamin, Ghodsi, Ali, Karray, Fakhri, and Crowley, Mark
    Software Impacts 2021
  2. Vector Transport Free Riemannian LBFGS for Optimization on Symmetric Positive Definite Matrix Manifolds
    Godaz, Reza, Ghojogh, Benyamin, Hosseini, Reshad, Monsefi, Reza, Karray, Fakhri, and Crowley, Mark
    In Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML) 2021
  3. Partially Observable Mean Field Reinforcement Learning
    Ganapathi Subramanian, Sriram, Taylor, Matthew, Crowley, Mark, and Poupart, Pascal
    In Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems (AAMAS) 2021
  4. Active Measure Reinforcement Learning for Observation Cost Minimization: A framework for minimizing measurement costs in reinforcement learning
    Bellinger, Colin, Coles, Rory, Crowley, Mark, and Tamblyn, Isaac
    In Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2021
  5. Recognition of a Robot’s Affective Expressions under Conditions with Limited Visibility
    Ghafurian, Moojan, Akgun, Sami Alperen, Crowley, Mark, and Dautenhahn, Kerstin
    In 18th International Conference promoted by the IFIP Technical Committee 13 on Human–Computer Interaction (INTERACT 2021) 2021
  6. Quantile–Quantile Embedding for distribution transformation and manifold embedding with ability to choose the embedding distribution
    Ghojogh, Benyamin, Karray, Fakhri, and Crowley, Mark
    Machine Learning with Applications (MLWA) 2021


  1. Isolation Mondrian Forest for Batch and Online Anomaly Detection
    Ma, Haoran, Ghojogh, Benyamin, Samad, Maria N, Zheng, Dongyu, and Crowley, Mark
    In IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (IEEE-SMC-2020) 2020
  2. A review of machine learning applications in wildfire science and management
    Jain, Piyush, Coogan, Sean CP, Ganapathi Subramanian, Sriram, Crowley, Mark, Taylor, Steve, and Flannigan, Mike D
    Environmental Reviews 2020
  3. Supervision and Source Domain Impact on Representation Learning: A Histopathology Case Study
    Sikaroudi, Milad, Safarpoor, Amir, Ghojogh, Benyamin, Shafiei, Sobhan, Crowley, Mark, and Tizhoosh, HR
    In International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’20) 2020
  4. Distributed Nonlinear Model Predictive Control and Metric Learning for Heterogeneous Vehicle Platooning with Cut-in/Cut-out Maneuvers
    Basiri, Mohammad Hossein, Ghojogh, Benyamin, Azad, Nasser L, Fischmeister, Sebastian, Karray, Fakhri, and Crowley, Mark
    In Proceeding of the 59th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC-2020) 2020


  1. Semantic Workflows and Machine Learning for the Assessment of Carbon Storage by Urban Trees
    Carrillo, Juan, Garijo, Daniel, Crowley, Mark, Gil, Yolanda, and Borda, Katherine
    In Third International Workshop on Capturing Scientific Knowledge (Sciknow 2019), Collocated with the tenth International Conference on Knowledge Capture (K-CAP) 2019
  2. Instance Ranking and Numerosity Reduction Using Matrix Decompositionand Subspace Learning
    Ghojogh, Benyamin, and Crowley, Mark
    In Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2019
  3. Principal Component Analysis Using Structural Similarity Index for Images
    Ghojogh, Benyamin, Karray, Fakhri, and Crowley, Mark
    In International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition (ICIAR-19) 2019


  1. Combining MCTS and A3C for prediction of spatially spreading processes in forest wildfire settings
    Ganapathi Subramanian, Sriram, and Crowley, Mark
    In Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2018
  2. Using Spatial Reinforcement Learning to Build Forest Wildfire Dynamics Models From Satellite Images
    Ganapathi Subramanian, Sriram, and Crowley, Mark
    Frontiers in ICT 2018


  1. Learning Forest Wildfire Dynamics from Satellite Images Using Reinforcement Learning
    Subramanian, Sriram Ganapathi, and Crowley, Mark
    In Conference on Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making 2017
  2. AI Education Through Real World Problems
    Crowley, Mark
    In The Seventh Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intellgience. 2017


  1. Anomaly Detection Using Inter-Arrival Curves for Real-time Systems
    Salem, Mahmoud, Crowley, Mark, and Fischmeister, Sebastian
    In 2016 28th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems 2016


  1. PAC Optimal MDP Planning with Application to Invasive Species Management
    Taleghan, Majid Alkaee, Dietterich, Thomas G., Crowley, Mark, Hall, Kim, and Albers, H. Jo
    Journal of Machine Learning Research 2015


  1. Using equilibrium policy gradients for spatiotemporal planning in forest ecosystem management
    Crowley, Mark
    IEEE Transactions on Computers 2014


  1. Allowing a wildfire to burn: Estimating the effect on future fire suppression costs
    Houtman, Rachel M., Montgomery, Claire A., Gagnon, Aaron R., Calkin, David E., Dietterich, Thomas G., McGregor, Sean, and Crowley, Mark
    International Journal of Wildland Fire 2013
  2. PAC Optimal Planning for Invasive Species Management: Improved Exploration for Reinforcement Learning from Simulator-Defined MDPs
    Dietterich, Thomas G, Alkaee Taleghan, Majid, and Crowley, Mark
    In Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2013) 2013
  3. Cyclic causal models with discrete variables: Markov chain equilibrium semantics and sample ordering
    Poole, David, and Crowley, Mark
    In IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2013